Prayer St Michael the Archangel against all enemies, envy and
Prayer to St Michael the Archangel

Prayer St Michael the Archangel against all enemies, envy and Evil (To keep us Blessed and Protected)

Prayer St Michael the Archangel against all enemies, envy and Evil (To keep us Blessed and Protected)

Prayer St Michael the Archangel

O glorious and beloved archangel Michael!

The closest to the Divinity

And the most powerful heavenly defender,

Symbol of struggle and victory over evil,

Archangel pure and perfect,

Let us remain strong in the face of adversity,

So that we may know to find our inner light,

Guide us and protect us in our ways

And with your virtue keep us all the days of our life …

Please help us:

In union with the Seraphim

Obtain the grace to forsake sin

And inflame in our hearts the Holy Love of God.

In union with the Cherubim

Defend us from the assaults, from the suggestions,

Incitations and temptations of the enemy

And sheds in our souls the spirit of Humility.

In union with the Thrones

Never let us be oppressed and enslaved

By the spirits of evil,

By tyrannies, abuses and injustices,

By witchcraft and witchcraft,

And grant us the grace to dominate our senses

And correct our bad habits.

In conjunction with Dominations

Protect our faith and give us wisdom and prudence.

In union with the Powers he attends to our needs

And give us a generous attitude

To dedicate ourselves to the service of others.

In union with Virtues liberate us from our adversaries,

Of the false testimonies, of the bad tongues,

Of the humiliations and vexations,

Of envy, intrigues and grudges,

Of jealousy and ill-treatment,

Of the aggressors and violent, of the depraved and vicious,

Of the misfortunes and misfortunes …

And of all evil that the enemy uses

To hurt us and to torment us.

In union with the Principality

Grant us the tenacious desire to free us,

Both our families,

As to all those around us and to ourselves,

Of bodily and mental illnesses

And above all spiritual.

In union with the Archangels, may the Lord help us

To be living testimonies of Christ,

Leading a pure life, full of joy in Divine Love

And that we be able to transmit it,

Through our actions, to others.

In union with the angels we are protected during this life,

Be in our agony

And lead us immediately to heaven

To share with them

The contemplation of the Eternal Glory of God.

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Gracias Dios, tú eres digno de gran

alabanza por ser quien eres, por toda

tu creación, por la vida, la bendición.

Por la familia, por el trabajo, por la energía

para trabajar, por darnos la capacidad de

crear, de desarrollar dones y talentos,

por darnos la fuerza para ayudar y

bendecir a otros con lo que tenemos

o con lo que hacemos.

Amén. Michael the Archangel

Damos gracias a Dios porque Él abre

caminos nos da su bendición en el camino,

van nuestros pasos en paz, sin ansiedad ni

angustia porque tenemos serenidad y

confianza en que cuando le

entregamos nuestro corazón y lo

buscamos Él extiende su bendición.


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