Prayer Jesus to free Prayer to Jesus to free and Exit Ruin, debts
Prayer Jesus to free

Prayer Jesus to free and Exit Ruin, debts and mortgages

Prayer to Jesus to free and Exit Ruin, debts and mortgages

Prayer Jesus to free

Oh, Father, we praise you because you understand all our sorrows and our tears.

We recognize our failure to solve for ourselves the problems of life.

Your grace abound to meet our deepest needs.

You comfort us while we waited. Fill our hearts with Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you for your rich provision for us on this day. Amen.

Holy Father, good Father of heaven bless thy name for everything you have given me and even thank you for all that I receive in this prayer before finishing your work or God is acting in my finances and belongings. (+) For this sign of the Holy Cross … ..dígnate bless or father triune these hands and everything that occurs as a result of my work, bless businesses and (home) work activities I manage, guided, address etc.

I consecrate a part of it and you offer it as an offering for your love and mercy to my life, like your word says in Malachi chapter 3 (+) in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ and by the power of His precious blood shed on the cross, it is destroyed and broken every curse on my finances, economy, destroy all ruin, misery, poverty and disease.

Bound and gagged every spirit of strife and division, destruction and evil desire and hatred.

I direct in your name my lord Jesus Christ to stay away from my business

(Home, work, possessions. Etc.) (+) All ruse, ruse, lie, trick and machination of the enemy and oppression.

I declare that I own and possess my family is blessed and consecrated has “Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate” by the grace of faith that God the Father crossed his holy spirit has poured into our hearts.

Make me worthy father to manage such companies (all that I possess) and renounce all attachment to the material as idolatry, I accept prosperity to contribute to the common good of my neighbor and the growth of your kingdom or alpha and omega sir.


In the name of Jesus Christ and His shed precious blood on the cross I destroy any witchcraft, sorcery, magic or bad omen I are doing and affecting my economy, destroyed the power of burial, the power of curse, the power of ruin, misery, poverty and disease, bound and gagged in the name of Jesus Christ mentioned harm and rejection of my life, because the greater the power of Jesus Christ than satan.

He assures me what the word of God in 1 John 4.7. and also at this time (your name) myself free by the power of the holy spirit, “I am free” +, I am free +, I am free because Christ gave me freedom on the cross and his resurrection +, and the power of the holy spirit sprouted in the open side of Jesus Christ my lord.

Seal and protect this prayer made and made and nobody has the right to fight because I was sealed with the blood of Christ and every demon flee, if flee resort, go out of my life, my house, my job, my home, of my belongings.

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Amen, amen, amen.


Gracias Dios, tú eres digno de gran

alabanza por ser quien eres, por toda

tu creación, por la vida, la bendición.

Por la familia, por el trabajo, por la energía

para trabajar, por darnos la capacidad de

crear, de desarrollar dones y talentos,

por darnos la fuerza para ayudar y

bendecir a otros con lo que tenemos

o con lo que hacemos.

Amén. Prayer Jesus Prayer Jesus

Damos gracias a Dios porque Él abre

caminos nos da su bendición en el camino,

van nuestros pasos en paz, sin ansiedad ni

angustia porque tenemos serenidad y

confianza en que cuando le

entregamos nuestro corazón y lo

buscamos Él extiende su bendición.

Amén. Prayer Jesus Prayer Jesus

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